Sunday, February 7, 2016

Poly Plastics Moldable Plastic

Get some for yourself

These are very similar to another moldable plastic I've tried(Thermomorph) and I found them to be basically the same though the pellets are a little smaller. I was looking for something to replace a failed plastic piece on my Ninja Blender but I've since been able to make a replacement oil catcher cap, aided in a custom headphone adapter, and created a quick easy connection between a small electric motor and a shaft. While you'll see most reviews focusing on the craft uses, there is so much more to help with repairs of household items along with creating impromptu solutions to occasional problems.

The five stars are easy for this one. These pellets are so easy to work with but are still pretty strong when cooled. They become soft and clear in very short time once placed in hot water. I'd recommend pulling the resulting glob out with a spoon and giving it a few seconds to cool before touching. The plastic stays pliable for a surprising amount of time while cooling down and if you don't have enough time you can just throw it back in the same water which is usually still warm enough and things will quickly soften up again. Try to form your rough shapes first so when re-melting you only need to wait for the outer layer to get squishy. 

If you have any art projects or home fixes to do I'd recommend these. My wife even made a couple cookie cutter shapes and our daughter loves chewing on them. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

The colors work pretty good though in a very unscientific opinion I think they don't quite color as solidly as the Instamorph ones. You just need to add a few more to get them nice and dark.

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