Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lights by iDap Tech

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Bluetooth speakers give you the freedom to take your music with you anywhere. Think of them as the modern boombox. This offering my iDap Tech is the perfect option for sharing music with everyone and adding a little flair in the process.

Build- In the box is your speaker, a set of instructions, and a multiuse cable. The speaker is about as big as you'd want anything that would be carried around in a hand. It is all plastic except for the speaker grille. Unlike a lot of plastics though this one doesn't look cheaper due to the soft-touch texture almost like rubber. Overall you get a minimalist design that has subtle design elements like the small bevels and the red corner that still allow it to not look boring. Up top you have 4 buttons that do all the control. These are a little counter-intuitive as the minus button points up when viewing from the front and the plus button points up. This hasn't created any issues for me as your eyes focus on the symbols first. It's not unreasonable to think the plus is instead pointing to the front to say "MOAR SOUND!". Besides those you have the mode button that also doubles as the lights control and the play/pause button. In the back you'll find a few things other bluetooth devices are missing. The full size USB port allows you to plug a flash drive in and play off of that as well as the microSD card slot. This means you don't always have to have another device around. You then get the on/off switch and microUSB port.

Function- Pairing was a breeze; I didn't even have to put in a code. From there I was playing music at good volumes for a medium size room. Nothing that would drown out conversation but enough to listen to easily. Sound quality is something bluetooth speakers have a problem with. I found this one to be capable so the size of speakers you're working with. It doesn't shake the room, that's what 12" subs are for, but I found it was able to reproduce a decent frequency. I recommend getting an equalizer app if you're sending music from your phone. It just means you can tailor the available sound to your tastes. Operation is pretty straight forward. The mode button cycles through the play modes and a long press can stop the lights. This can be handy if you want to play some music in a baby's room without too much stimulation as we do. Something that takes little getting used to is the volume buttons that double as the forward and back seek. You need to hold them to control volume so don't be surprised when the first few times you try you end up going to the next song. The added bonus besides the input options is the lights on the front. They add another dimension that can brighten up a room and is a perk other devices don't offer. When not playing music they will blink in various patterns but once you start playing they flash in step with the tunes. Lastly don't forget that cord that came with it. It allows you to charge the devices well as as provide an AUX in. Nice little thing to have.

This is a great little device to have for when you need something portable. All the little things thrown in set it apart from what you'd find other places and it manages to do it for a very comparable price. It's something that you can leave sitting in a main room of your house and the basic styling makes it fit in with anything. I'd recommend this one to my friends. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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