Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pulse Oximeter by Easy@Home

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Short version- This pulse oximeter works, is accurate, and is dead simple to use. You probably want to hear a little more though if you're considering one of these. I see no reason to even consider a different product when this one is as good as it is. I've tried a few different Easy@Home products and they still haven't disappointed. Side note: A fun game to play is to see how making yourself calmer can lower your hear rate. It could even be useful to those with anxiety problems to take their mind off the current problem. For those that care, these devices work by shining a light through your finger and a sensor on the other side reads the brightness of the light. The changes in intensity let it know your pulse and the amount of certain light that is absorbed by your blood/finger lets it calculate the oxygen content.

Build- You get a small plastic device that you could probably sit on without causing any damage. It may seem a little bulky but remember it's replacing a machine that at a hospital may include the same size finger clip, a long lead, and a big monitor. This has a small simple screen but big enough lettering that anyone with mildly good eyesight could read them. The display is also very bright with lots of contrast. In the clip you'll find soft rubber that keeps it from sliding off a finger and aids in comfort when wearing it for extended periods.

Function- I still haven't read the instructions for this. It's just too simple to bother. Put your finger in it and press the single button. This ease of operation means anyone can make use of it no matter their age. The single button also rotates the orientation of the display so you can read it on either hand in any orientation. It's really quite user friendly in a small package. I found it to be accurate with heart rate and expect oxygen saturation was too as calculating is is just a little math.

Easy@Home has a quality set of products and this one keeps up the reputation. It appears that this design may be used by a few other companies but that doesn't mean this one is any less useful. Give this one a try. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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