Sunday, July 31, 2016

Culinary Torch by A Full Measure Market

You can find it here

I received a torch with a manufacturing defect so I've edited this review. The company was very helpful in quickly sending a new one and it works perfectly.

Culinary torches have many uses but I generally focus on finishing sous vide steak or as you can see in my photos, toasting some marshmallow creme based frosting. Operation is simple with a large button on the back that both releases the gas and lights it. You can control the amount of gas as well as it's concentration and there's even a "continuous" mode that allows you to not have to hold the trigger. These adjustments allow you to tailor the flame to just your needs be they a long directed one or just a light licking flame. When I used it on the afore mentioned steak it quickly added a nice sear so as a culinary torch torch it works fine. Build wise I'd really only say I'd prefer less plastic. The flame never heats it up but I just prefer more metal. The cylinder seems to be and the nozzle is as well. All in all it feels solid and there is little play in the controls. My word of advice for you is that when buying butane skip the Coleman cylinders. The fill port on this is just enough recessed that the short tube on the butane can't quite reach. I stopped by Lowes and grabbed a BernzOmatic Butane cylinder which had a nice long tube and worked great.
My experience has been very positive with the manufacturer and product after the defect in my first item. It lights fine and the adjustablity make it perfect for the kitchen. You can of course use the torch for any other fire need too. The simple operation along with the intense heat really allows for a wide variety of possibilities outside your food needs. I received this product at a discount in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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