Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Magnetic Child Cabinet Locks

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I've seen these locks around on different things but it turns out we have a toddler who loves getting under the sink so why not use them as intended. Nobody wants anything that is visible from the outside but other solutions tend to be clunky. We'd even resorted to just using some of her toy c-rings as a makeshift "lock". Once these were installed though she quickly learned that she just can't get in and rarely even tries now.

Installation was simple. As you can see form one of my pictures we already had one other failed product that had broken so I just placed the stationary part at the edge right where the door would hit. As long as you back it right up to the edge everything will line up. You can measure to figure out where to put the magnetic part but I found it was just easiest to reach around form the other door and line them up before pushing the sticky side against the door.

If you install correctly there is little to no movement of the door while locked and if you can't remember exactly where to place the magnet you can just slide until you hear the click of the latch falling. The adhesive is plenty strong enough that anyone trying to get in who shouldn't will give up long before it gives out. We just keep the magnet on the fridge so we don't have any worries about losing it. What else can I say; keeps our daughter out and lets us in while being completely invisible. No complaints. I received this product at a discount in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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