Monday, August 10, 2015

Adfilic Collapsible Garden Hose

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I've always thought these hoses were a little gimmicky. I mean, a hose gets water from one place to another, does that really need to be improved? It turns out these little things can be pretty useful. The problem with old hoses is that they take up so much space. You either need a large thing to hang them on or a big reel box to hide them. If you want a cleaner look this is a better option.

Build- This hose is a very simple construction. The inside is essentially surgical tubing and the outside a strong but light fabric to both add protection and provide the structure. If the fabric weren't there it would continue expanding until it exploded.

Assembly- My specific item arrived with the nozzle(really the valve, as the nozzle is just on top of it) not attached to the hose. I immediately thought my item was broken but it looks like someone at the factory may just be in a hurry and not assembling them completely. This means that some people receive one that's partially intact but the water pressure makes the tubing slide out. To fix this you just need to unscrew the fitting and reassemble it.
1. Unscrew the fitting below the valve.
2. Inch the inner tube through the fabric. This may take a little work.
3. Put the tube through the brass fitting you unscrewed, then through the plastic insert.
4. Press the tube fully over the metal nipple of the valve.
5. Push the plastic insert over the nipple and tube.
6. Pull the fabric through the brass fitting and over the nipple/tube/plastic
7. Screw the brass fitting on tight

Function- When deflated you can hold the entire setup in two hands but if you turn the water all the way on you'll have a fully ready to use hose in seconds. At this point it's just like any other hose Go about watering things. When you're ready however; just turn the water off and either unscrew the hose or turn the nozzle to a high setting and squeeze the handle. I prefer to go with the latter to avoid getting the water everywhere. Because the inside of the hose is expanded, giving the water a way out allows it to contract and push the remaining water out. I found that lifting the entire thing hand over hand afterwards was sufficient for emptying it the rest of the way. Your end size is small enough to fit in less than a gallon sized flowerpot so it's out of the way  and hidden until you need it.

This hose comes with a nozzle attached but it's pretty much the same as any other. It works fine and the different setting are useful so it's a nice addition. You can untwist it and be left with just the valve to use as you wish. When it comes down to it this hose is a neat idea that allows you to be a little more tidy. Give this one a try. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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