Sunday, August 2, 2015

Whiskey Stones by Zcutt

 I've always been a bit skeptical of things like these but I'm glad to have tried them now. With all things you have to have the right expectations. Without getting too science-y ice works by absorbing the energy(heat) of your drink and changing state. State changing takes a lot of energy and that's why ice can cool a big drink. These soapstone clearly aren't going to melt so they can only cool so much. The benefit though is that you don't get anything added to the liquid. The real use is in cooling small things and keeping them at a set temperature until you're finished.

Build- It's soapstone. It's a cube. ...Not really much else to say. The bad that comes with the cubes I've found to be really handy. With all the little cubes it's easy to have them get lost in the freezer or get knocked around. Once you realize you can juts store them in the bag right in the freezer it's much better and they're always there ready to go.

Function- As I said above these are for small drinks. I found that 2-3 cubes were able to keep things cooler for much longer than usual. You know how when you have just a little bit of something left and go to drink it later it's warm? Yeah, yuck. These prevent that. This package comes with enough that you can share them with a few people at a time.

Something to note is that because these are a soft stone they shouldn't be used in and carbonated drinks as they will break down. As long as you are only looking to maintain a temperature or cool something small I think you should try these out. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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