Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer

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The Polaroid Zip instant printer is a mixed bag. On one hand it't somewhat unique and very handy at times. Don't forget the Fun Factor either. On the other hand someone like me prefers high quality prints if I going to go through the trouble to get them. Read on to decide for yourself.

Build- The printer is has an external glossy plastic that should hold up to the occasional bump. Don't get too crazy though because there is some give to the cover and if you sit on it a few time it will probably crack. One end has the slot for pictures to come out and the other has the USB port to charge as well as some indicator lights and a recessed reset button. Otherwise the outside it pretty nondescript. The top of the case near the photo slot has an arrow that shows where to slide it back to remove the cover and place the paper. Overall it's just small enough that you can fit it in most pockets so it does have portability going for it.

Function- Here's where you're needs will really come into play. Every time I printed a picture I was a little disappointed. I like high quality pictures and you just don't get that here. Everything's a little grainy and you are only getting a 2x3 picture. If you change your expectations though you'll end up with a fun way to share pictures with anyone around you. You'll first need to get the companion app which allows you to edit the photos a little before sending. After you've paired it through bluetooth you can even tap a NFC enabled phone on the printer to automatically launch the app. This means you can just snap and tap(thought that up all by myself); no fumbling through your apps to find the right one. Once your satisfied hit the print button and about 30 seconds later you have your picture. I found that for best results you want to brighten your pictures a little as they tend to print a little darker than you expect. The 30 second time period seems like forever until you realize you're out in the middle of nowhere and you just printed a physical picture.

The ability to carry a wireless printer anywhere really is a wonderful idea. Kids will love being able to get a picture immediately and be able to stick it anywhere. This means it's great for scrap-booking or even name tags at an event. Even though the print quality doesn't meet my expectations I'm going to keep this around for family events because there really is nothing else so convenient. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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