Sunday, October 25, 2015

Krazilla Home Lux Bluetooth speaker

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I've tried a few bluetooth speakers recently and while I have some favorites this is actually at the top of my list. Five stars are something I only give out to a product that I can't find anything I don't like about it but this one deserves them. It's not the best at anything but it has a combination of things that suit me perfectly.

Build- Size is an important factor with something portable and I like how this one take sup very little space. It's about the size of your average walkie-talkie and would have no trouble fitting in most pockets. Even though it's about 5 inches long you only have one speaker in it as most instances do. On top you have your 4 usual buttons: Play/answer call, up/forward down/back volume/track buttons, and your mode/paring one. Operating
them is pretty simple and honestly I usually never touch them relying instead on my phone to control the volume. In the back your'll find several things.There's a loop for attaching a lanyard to, a power switch, micro SD slot, external USB input, and micro USB for charging. I was intrigued by the removable panel you'll also notice. It turns out this unit has a removable battery which I love. If you're looking for a speaker that you plan to use a lot for extended periods you have the option of buying another $4 battery that you can swap instead of finding a place to charge. To cap off the build I got one in red and I love the bright colors that are available.

Function- It sounds great. Always remember that's relative to other bluetooth speakers. You're not going to get anything mind blowing out of it but some are better than others. I tried a couple different ones next to each other and switching one by one on my phone and I came to the conclusion that I like this one the best. It has some very clear high frequencies; not a huge feat for something small but it was better. The compliment to that of course was that it could still reproduce the lower ones. As I said earlier operation is simple but I usually just turn it on and make sure it pairs with my phone before hitting play.

I've seen some pretty fancy bluetooth speakers before costing upwards of $100 but for something meant to just be portable sound I don't know why you'd every need them. This one is moderately priced while still delivering on convenience and quality. Give it a shot. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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