Saturday, October 31, 2015

Life-Phorm All-in-One Camera Positioning Device

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Unique. It's certainly unique and you can't have a conversation about the Life-Phorm device without bringing that word up. I have to admit most of what had me interested in it was what I DIDN'T know about it. I had a few ides in mind but it does lend itself to creativity when it comes to putting it to work. This one pretty much adapts to anything.

Build- The main body is made of a strong plastic but I would like to give a word of caution: while id should hold the weight of anything it's attached to, I have to imagine any carelessness or children playing with it will crack something. That's the trade off for having something so compact. This all comes attached to a steel clamping device for holding tablets and phones. The clamp is lined with a rubbery covering that does some to grip devices but I found it to be a little too glossy for keeping a firm hold. The adhesive holding in on is also not quite strong enough as I find it sliding off the metal when too much force is put on it. Lastly the clamp is attached with a bolt coming through the bottom with a standard tripod thread. This means that you can take the clamp off completely for attaching things like camera and flashes. I even had a bluetooth speaker that could attach to it could be held out of the way. Each arm pivots horizontally as well as having two vertical pivots to allow for unlimited articulation and movement.

Function- As you can tell from my pictures I found several possible uses. I grabbed things that I wanted to place somewhere where they wouldn't normally stand up on their own and immediately could see how to make use of the Life-Phorm. From hanging flashes at an event to positioning a camera for time-lapse or remote photography you really can use it anywhere. The obvious uses though are phones and tablets. This is where I ran into some trouble. Phones are great but to allow for holding larger devices the clamp folds out and reattaches. The problem is that in it's small configuration it's just too small to fit a 7" tablet and when you make it bigger it now too big to hold it horizontally. You can of course just keep on making it bigger and hold it the tablet at the farthest apart ends. This works fine for holding in portrait mode but if you turn it horizontally the grippy rubber, as I said earlier, just doesn't hold on tight enough and things start sliding out. If this happens to you I'd recommend orienting it so that you can raise one of the legs to prevent it from sliding out. The last complaint is the folding of the clamp. Because it is just pivoted, when you're trying to clamp it on a tablet it keeps folding back and releasing tension on your device.

I really did enjoy thinking about uses for this. I would have included pictures of various helmet camera using it too but they are all currently being borrowed. This clamp needs some redesign and that's the main thing that needs work. It's not unusable by any stretch but if they did some work there it would truly be a five start product. I look forward to seeing what else it can do. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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