Thursday, October 15, 2015

Red and Green Reflex Sight by Ohuhu

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This reflex sight was a treat to try. I was excited to see what it could do and wasn't let down at all. As soon as you take it out of the box I think you'll agree.

Build-I like products that feel sturdy and can take a beating. It doesn't get any better than metal and almost the entire sight is made of it. I'm a little perplexed why the actual light cover is plastic but m not too worried; it's solid and doesn't have give. It should stand up fine. The controls have a positive feel with a solid click so you won't have anything changing on you during use. Everything, even the reticle knob with protruding arm, is placed in such a way that it won't catch on anything when moving. Lastly you have a simple rubber cover that can slide over the glass to keep it scratch free.

Features- For being such a budget sight I was surprised at what they packed in there. It's nothing mind-blowing; just a nice set of features that will hold up to use. You of course have windage and elevation adjustment but that's a bare minimum requirement. The ability to choose different reticles means this sight can suit whatever tastes you have. By far my favorite feature though is the choice between red and green, as well as a brightness setting. Red is best for low light settings and because you can adjust intensity you're able to pick something that you can see but won't necessarily give you away. Using it in daylight? Flip to green and crank the intensity and you'll see it no problem. Don't let my pictures fool you either; these were taken very close. Once you have it mounted at somewhere around arms length the image fills the glass. Just optical magic.

Function- As I stated above the features that allow options provide a wide range of use-able situations Once you have your setting picked you'll find that the reticle is always in focus no matter what you're aiming at. I have limited experience with other reflex sights so I was impressed with the optical trickery that makes it appear to stay on target even as you move your head.

I'm sure there are fancier options out there but if you're looking for a bargain I'd say this is the one to use. The combination of price and features means that if for some reason you do decide to upgrade int he future you'll still want to keep this one around. It will hold it's value. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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