Tuesday, November 17, 2015

8GB USB Digital Audio Voice Recorder

I was going to include pictures but instead I figure it makes more sense to throw them in a video and I'll record this first paragraph on it.

For something that looks just like the dime-a-dozen flash drives that are everywhere and even being given away these days I was surprised at this voice recorder. Operation is dead easy and it excels in it's simplicity. I' see some other reviewers complaining about lack of voice activation but I've used high quality recorders that don't even have that feature. It doesn't cook me breakfast either but what it does do is make long recording easy and does it in a small package.

Build- As some would market this as a spy tool I do have to say it is very unassuming. The case has one small hole for a status LED and the control switch almost blends in with the dimpling at the end. That's all there is that could ever even make you think it isn't just a normal flash drive.

Function- To turn it on you just flick the switch to on and it does it's job. Something important to remember is that it doesn't start recording until the LED turns itself off. It will be solid, then blink, then off. It turns on again when switching it off to tell you it's saving the file and will do so on it's own when the battery runs out. At this point you're recording and doing so quite clearly. You're of course going to be limited with such a small microphone but I was amazed at how clear I sounded once I plugged it in to my computer. Speaking of that; the fact that is it just a flash drive means you never have to worry about cables. Everything you need is built in. The best part about this though is the length of recording you get. I turned it on at the beginning of a day and off again at the end and still had battery so did it again the next day. On one charge I was able to get a few minutes under 14 hours and only used 5.18 of the 8 Gig capacity. That's enough to get another workday of recording after a charge without even emptying it.

Sure, it's simple and it doesn't have bells and whistles. If you just need to record something though this is the way to go. It can always be in your pocket and ready and with that large battery could just be on all day if you needed. The sound is good enough that unless you're going something archive quality there's no need to go for anything more expensive. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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