Monday, November 9, 2015

Flavor Infusion Water Bottle by Live Infinitely

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My wife was the one who wanted some infuser bottles so we tried a couple different ones. What we found was that they're all somewhat similar but our favorites were the ones that didn't try to be too fancy. This was one of them.

Build/Looks- It's plastic of course. Anything else could get too heavy to carry everywhere. The two caps are made of a strong plastic and they should stand up for a long time. You won't want to go standing on the main tube but you could probably toss it around a little. Always be careful with the inner baskets though when you have it out because they aren't meant to take much abuse. The bright colors are handy for when you're out with a bunch of people and everyone has their bottles together. My wife likes blue so we grabbed that one and she really liked how intense and cheerful the color was. Live Infinitely has a fun design on the outside too.

Function- One of the features we like that this has is the basket on the bottom. Some others have it attached to the top lid with some sort of nozzle. By having it on the bottom the fruit won't get in the way of water flowing out. Also, by not having a nozzle this one just has a fully open screw-off top. It stays simple and makes it much easier to clean than others. Of course the actual infusion bit works too. Not much to say there as all it does it hold the fruit in the water for the flavor to seep out.

As I said, flavor infusion bottle technology isn't exactly complicated. All the them are just variations on the theme of hold-the-fruit-in-the-water-but-dont-let-it-fall-out. This one does that without issues and it's simplicity works well. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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