Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mini Softbox by Ohuhu

Grab one for yourself

As someone who makes use of a softbox whenever possible it was great to see there is a smaller version that is much more portable. I can see my self making use of this is some situations but it does have slight issues that might not make it my go-to modifier.

Build- Externally this softbox is made of rip-stop nylonwith elastic covering the ribs that give it structure. In the back you have some more elastic to go around the head of your flash as well as velcro that is meant to go around back and hold it in. Internally is a nice reflective fabric to bounce all available light out the front. What is nice is the two options for diffusing as well as a separate set of mounting velcro for each. The both are about the same as each other translucent-wise but how they hang affects the light. One attaches to tabs at each corner and allows light to excape around the edge to provide a form of ring light while the other covers the entire front providing a complete diffusion.

Function- The softness of your light also depends on the size of your modifier so it will still be fairly directional with something this small. It is however still going to soften more than a bare flash and I tried to capture the difference in a couple pictures. The complaint I have is the setup. I think the elastic to go around the flash is a good idea but I haven't found a quick way to do it. Once you get it in and wrap the velcro around everything slides around a little bit. It needs some sort of silicone on everything to give it a good grip.

A portable softbox is a great thing to have. I expect I'll use this in situations where I have a speedlight on a stand but don't want to worry about a big box getting blown around in the wind. If you don't mind a little wobble it'll work fine on camera but just be aware. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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