Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mini LED Strobe Light by JS Lighting

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When I was younger I collected party lights so I've had a couple strobe lights. I think this one is something that would be best considered a novelty and used in a man-cave, child's room, or home party. It has some advantages over some higher priced models but it wouldn't ever be used in a professional setting.

Build- Everything is plastic on the casing to the mounting bracket. I like to see stronger materials most of the time but in this case it works as a plus. It's so small that it's enough to protect it from a drop and it keeps the entire package light. You have a clear panel on the front to protect the LEDs; something that may not be needed but there less chance of them being crunched in a bump. The single control is in the back along with the power cord.

Function- There is no power switch on this model. It keeps costs down on this bare minimum amount of electronics but I'd like to see one so you don't have to plug it in every time you use it in a more permanent setting. Once it's on though you just turn the knob on the back to adjust the speed of the flashes from fairly slow to a quick pace but not as fast as others I've seen. Brightness is ok too but again, nothing that will blow you away. The last thing I noticed is that the cord coming out the back has a strain relief clamp to prevent it from coming out but it's not tight enough so the cord slides in and out anyway.

The audience for a strobe light like this is someone who just wants to add a little fun to a room or maybe even a wedding dance floor. Enough to add effect but no one will go blind. The plus with this over more powerful ones is that LED panel should last indefinitely. No need to ever hunt around or have to shop online for a replacement bulb. This strobe light has a basic set of features but could just use a little improvement. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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