Monday, March 14, 2016

Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones 1byone

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For the moment I've labeled these my "favorite" in-ear headphones that I've tried but there are still a few things I'd change. They start off nice by coming in packaging you can tell someone actually tried on. Usually a good indication that they didn't cheap out on the actual product itself.
I love the sound quality here so no complaints. I found it to be well rounded with crisp highs and nice well produced base without distortion. I didn't feel like they were much bigger than your average pair of non-wireless headphones which is surprising for having to fit the electronics and battery in there. Even the charge plug is well hidden where you have to get a fingernail under one of the end caps and pop it off. My problems with these stems from the flat cord. Up to now I thought those were the best but because everything is so light it was working against me. Even though the buds seem to have a good fit in my ear apparently they are not tight enough because today as I was working in the garage the slight grippy-ness on my neck was enough to make them stick a little. When I turned my head one of the sides would fall out. I think they need to either go back to a round cord or make it more glossy. That said the little springy pieces that fit to the contour of your ear help to hold things in otherwise without any discomfort.
Battery life wise they seemed to be decent. I charged them initially and played around with them before using them intermittently over three days of work before they were running low. This is where my other complaint comes in. The notification voice is WAY too loud. It's not so bad when powering on but when I'm listening to music at a decent volume and then it's like someone screams at me it's a little off putting and I think I jumped the first time it notified me. 

I think I'll still label these as my favorite even with them not always staying in and voice notification. To have all this in a pretty small package that looks good and sounds even better is a deal for this price point. I see no reason to pay more for bigger names when these do the job of sticking in your ear and playing wonderful sounding music. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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