Sunday, March 13, 2016

iClever Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones

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As I've said with other headphones I've tried, quality is very hit-or-miss. A picture can make it look great and you have no reason to expect the sound to be bad. I'm glad to report that these are a great pair and I enjoy using them. Casual listener is how I'd classify myself and I can appreciate sound quality which leads me to say these are a good buy. While there's nothing too flashy about their looks or packaging they work well and I have no complaints.
Build- When it comes down to it these are pretty non-descript. They are plastic and while I like metal there's no reason to have the added weight. The body is a dark metallic blue which I find classy and unobtrusive. You get a simple 3 button combination for control and have two different sizes of ear inserts with a protrusion to make them stay in an ear better. The magnets are contained in the end so they attach to form a loop.

Function- One of the "selling features" here are the magnets in the end to hold the entire setup in a loop. This can be nice if bouncing around in a bag to keep them from tangling. Where some are using flat wires to prevent tangles they can sometimes prevent flex in the wire during use and cause them to fall out; no worries here.  Even better, if you are someone who takes the earbuds out a lot you can just attach them around you neck so they don't fall off. Operation is easy as you have three simple buttons. The power/pairing button is nice to have separate from the others so you don't have to feel around to see which buttons you're touching. Lastly there's the sound quality. I found it to be well rounded with crisp highs and nice well produced base without distortion.

I found these to be a well done product that sounds good and the magnets help do away with some of the complains I have about other earbuds. If you want to feel in the middle of your music without wires these are great. If you want to put them around your neck to talk with someone its quick and easy. Don't forget the easy-to-miss detail of the actual bud's profile that has just a small protrusion to keep them locked in your ears if you move a lot. They should certainly be contenders for your dollar if they can be had for a good price. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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