Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Norskwall Slatwall Garage Organization

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I'm sure there is someone somewhere who has a perfectly organized, Pinterest worthy, garage but if you're like me it can never have enough places to put things. Tools like rakes and shovels are long and awkward so they tend to fall over, Hanging is the best option but I tend to reorganize a lot so Norskwall has a great solution.

The slat material is all PVC which had me a little worried about strength. Once assembled though it didn't have any trouble handling the weight. Assembly was pretty straight forward and I'd recommend following the instructions. The first thing I wanted to do was slide everything together and hang it but I eventually gave up and went step by step. It went pretty quick though the side covers gave me a little trouble. The clips to hold them on need to go behind the slats after they are attached to the wall. They have a little lip so I had to stick a putty knife behind the slats to lift them a little and get the clip in. Not too much trouble for something you'll probably only do once though.

Once everything is up you just have to decide where you want to place the hangars. The best part about the Norskwall though is that there's no commitment. Hang it and see how it fits and move it if you don't like it. The hangers just sit in the channel and when you fold down the tab with the logo on it you get a satisfying good fit that doesn't wiggle around. For being made of PVC it's a well engineered system.

I've tried everything from pegboard to custom french cleats but it takes a good setup to hold some larger things. Even if you have something else I think the Norskwall would fit well in anyone's setup. My dad is already eying this one. Or, go all out and cover your wall with it. It's a little more expensive than some but it would give a clean look that lasts. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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