Friday, March 4, 2016

Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank by 1byone

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Remember when jump starters came out with batteries inside which meant you didn't have to have another car around? This is the next step and I have to say it's wonderful. Everything about it is small and light to the point where I was skeptical before I saw the first one used by a family member. Even before this one arrived I had my doubts as I figured they were hit-or-miss unless you bought a recognized brand name. No worries though, it does work great.

Build- The main battery is like any high capacity phone bank battery; just under and inch thick. I keep it in the case with the other accessories though so it doesn't need to be paper thin. The surface is a matte black finish which I prefer over glossy for something that may take a little beating in the back of a car. You get a single button to turn it on and long-press to activate the light with a simple LCD to tell you percent full and an indicator of if it's being used or charged and lastly a indicator to tell which current mode(1 or 2.1 amps). On one side you get a USB output, the jumper output and a barrel jack input. Pretty understated really. The jumper attachment is a somewhat awkward, bulky, grip-like shape which is strange to me as you don't really hold onto it during use. At the end are small alligator clips that take up little space but are are just big enough to do their job.

Function- I was going to make a video to show it really does work but as you can see on Amazon everyone's already done that. To summarize, I left my dashcam on accidentally one night and the battery was completely dead in my 3.9L V6 Mustang.. Couldn't move the started at all. What better way to test this jumper than that? No pulling my wife's car around. No running an extension cord from the garage for the wired jumper. I just popped the hood, stuck this baby on, and the car cranked right to life. It wasn't an instant full-power start but it didn't crank for more that 2 seconds which isnt' too far off my normal battery. The addition of a light is a no-brainer and will be invaluable if I ever have to jump it at night. We have used it to charge a 1/4 full Nexus 5X and it took about an hour and 30-40% of the battery's capacity after jumping the Mustang. The phone can handle more current to do it faster but 2.4A isn't bad.

I'm sure there are other jumpers out that that work but if anyone asks me for a recommendation I'd have no problem pointing them to this. It came through when I needed plus the extra features like the light and charging your phone are just icing on the cake. There's even a car charger included so you can recharge this after you've got the car started and it will be ready again next time you need it. Give it a try. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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