Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bluetooth 4.0 hands free car kit with NFC

I can't argue with anything I've seen so far. While I've noticed some people complain about ground noise I think that comes down to the car you're in and the quality of it's wiring. My experience has been nothing but positive.

Build- If I absolutely had to find something to not like, it would be that it is made of plastic and feels light. Really though there's no need for it to be heavier as the circuitry is pretty simple and a metal body would probably make it fall off your dash. You get three buttons; one for on/off and answer/hangup, and two direction ones for seeking and volume. They're big so it's easy to hit them without taking your eyes off the road. The package comes with a nice little USB car charger and an extra 3M pad. If you happen to have some metal behind your dash or are willing to take it apart to add some, there is also a magnet on the pack to simplify things. The power cord on the unit is a little thin but not so much that it will just snap.

Function- Pairing couldn't be simpler if you have a NFC enabled phone. Turn the device on by holding the power button ant tap your phone against it. After the first time it will immediately pair and you're ready to go. When not on a phone call you can use the select button to play and pause music as well. Other than that sound quality seems to be good. I even tested it by setting it on a running air conditioner and my caller could hear me fine.

This kit has good features, accessories, and just works well. I have no complaints so I think it's a good buy. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion. 

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