Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Simian 10 in 1 Autoloading Ratchet Screwdriver

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Note: check out my quick video to see exactly how it works. The Simian Autoloading screw driver is perfect for someone like me who likes to have tools and accessories organized but can't ever seem to put them back in their place. This means lost bits everywhere and never being able to find a simple Phillips head. Even the ratcheting function can be useful when you wouldn't expect it.

Build- The main body is made out of plastic which might normally turn you off but it really is well designed and nothing feels flimsy; even when it's fully extended. The quick change feature, ratchet, and ratchet direction selector also inspire confidence when using them. The grip feels somewhat over-sized but that is a consequence of the fancy innards and the rubber grip ensures you won't be dropping it anyway.

Function- The driver comes with 10 bits and an extender: 3 Phillips, 2 flat-head, 2 torx and 2 square. The torx and square are contained in the handle so if you find you need them just pull one of the currently loaded ones and switch them. To switch bits normally though you just pull the handle back, spin the dial till you've selected the one you want, and push it back together. The arm that moves the bits is a magnet so they won't fall out either. The ratcheting feature had me a little skeptical. You'd think it's just as easy to keep readjusting your hand but if you're in some awkward position of situation it does help to be in constant contact with everything. If however you do find a situation that requires it to not move, you just move the ratchet selector to the middle position and it locks.

The quick change ability to have all those bits always ready really amazed me. With all this in a small well made package; I think I'll be getting more of these for small gifts. I highly recommend. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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