Saturday, July 18, 2015

Coverplug Paintable Electrical Outlet Cover

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For anyone with little kids, these are wonderful. The grow up being told to "put the square shape in the square hole" so when they're old enough to walk around the see that electrical outlets have a place to put something. While the ubiquitous plug covers can work, they just look tacky. These though can be made to blend right in with any of your other decor. Even if you don't have little ones running around though you''ll probably find these to be something worth looking into. Covering up unused plugs just makes anything look better while still leaving them functional as opposed to removing it altogether.

Build- These covers are made of pretty much the same plastic that the plug plates themselves are. They are as thin as they can be while still being plenty rigid that a bump won't crack anything. A quick coat of paint+primer stuck to it with no problems too.

Function- As long as you have a somewhat modern house where your plugs have the ground(hole between the two slots) these will work. It's as simple as painting then pressing them in. Ours was in just loose enough that you have to work a little to get it back out so it's prefect for keeping a curious child out. There's no denying they look good too. If you're the more creative type you could even go with fancy designs where they don't blend in but still fit with everything else.

My only complaint would be the lack of direction for what sort of wall plates will fit completely under these covers. If you look closely at my pictures you'll see a little peeking out at the edges. This can vary depending on what you have installed in your house so it would be nice to have some measurements included so you know if it will cover completely. Otherwise, they stay in, look great, and add safety so I recommend. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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