Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adhesive Cable clips by Decor54

Adhesive cable clips on amazon

No joke; as I sit here at my desk, there's a pile of cables sitting on the floor next to me. For someone who is careful with everything I do every once in a while let them scoot under the wheels of my chair and it lowers their lifespan every time. Even the proprietary Nikon USB one where I know for a fact I don't have a spare lying around. It's just the easiest place to have all of them when they are each used every day. I'm in need of an organizing tool that is quick and easy, and I think these cable clips are just the thing.

Form- You always want accessories to look good or in some cases, blend in. The clips are made of a matte black rubber that is unassuming in all environments. I'm a guy without much of a sense of style but I think these blend in well no matter the space they're in. You get 6 per package so feel free to stick them all around the house. I've got some on my desk, some on my night stand, and might put one on an end table to hold a charger that falls behind the couch.

Function- What's the goal? Hold things neatly. Do the clips perform? Certainly. They're not meant to do back-flips, just sit there ready to hold your odds and ends. They hold more than just cords. Think small tools, hair accessories, pens; and they do it anywhere and out of the way. Because they grip so well consider using them in a more permanent installation such as keeping A/V cables running just where you want them.

Materials- The main body of the clips is a sturdy rubber that is flexible enough to allow easily popping a cord in but still stiff enough that even a heavy cord won't slide out and fall.It seem like it would hold up for quite a while. The other important part is the 3M adhesive backing. It does to hold a cord tightly if the clip itself is falling all the time. Worry not: 3M has been doing the adhesive game a long time and I gave these a sturdy tug with no sign of it letting go.

I'm really considering purchasing more of these. For the price there's no reason not to stick them where ever you have some sort of cord. I can usually think of some sort of negative but the job is simple and these clips do it well. I recommend them. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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