Saturday, June 27, 2015

Non-Contact Thermometer by Easy@Home

Easy@Home Non-contact Thermometer at Amazon

There's no denying that contact-less thermometers are handy. I've used a few but you should always make sure to have different kinds available in certain cases. I think this thermometer is one of those. Our baby happened to have a slight fever tonight so I took the opportunity to compare the reading this gave to another thermometer. It seemed to be low by a few tenths which may be acceptable in cases but be aware. When using the room temp function it tended to read a little high. Fortunately it does have a calibration feature that isn't to hard to use.

Build- I feel like the device could be a little more sturdy. When holding it you can tell it is plastic and it gives a little when squeezing it. The infrared sensor cannot have glass over it to work so it's good to see they inset it into the body so it should stay protected. The case should also be mentioned: While it takes up about twice as much space as the thermometer itself, it should protect everything fine, even from some bouncing around.

Function- As I said accuracy seems to suffer a little. The calibration helps but I wonder if different environments might require a re-calibration. Use is dead simple. Press the button, see what the temp is. You get three modes which comes in handy if you need to check other things too. My favorite feature is the mute button. If you have to check a sleeping child it means they won't wake up at the sound of the status beeps.

For a general purpose measurement device this could certainly work. I do recommend though that you test it against a few other sources at home and calibrate before relying on it. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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