Friday, June 19, 2015

The Wind Leverager by Get Childish

Get Childish Large Delta Kite on Amazon

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There's no doubt about it, this kite by Get Childish is the perfect one to throw together and just get out there and fly with your kids. I think the combination of convenience and simplicity makes it a winner.

Build- The body of the kite is made of sturdy nylon. This makes it mush stronger than your dollar store ones that you can poke a finger through before every getting it in the air. That also means it can hold up to higher winds and last for years instead of days. The skeleton is made of just a few resin rods. Probably not carbon fiber, but very similar. These also impressed me as its the sort of materials you don't expect to find in a cheaper kite. The included handle and string are nothing new but said string is going to hold up and not snap while still being light enough to not affect the flight. The case that the product comes in is also nylon and is a welcome addition to keep everything together. My only complaint is partially a symptom of the packaging but maybe a materials switch could fix the tail portion. Being squished in the case it never really springs back to the round shape and I think that prevents it from spinning well while in the air.

Use- Construction is a breeze. Out of the case it only needs one spar put through a loop and then both ends placed in their cups. Then tie the string on and you're ready to go. It's simple when you know how it goes together but it could use a little better instructions. Speaking of the case though, that really sets it apart because you can keep the kite in it to protect it and keep everything together. Whats important though is the flight: This is a basic kite. Don't worry about the ones you see people flying with two strings that look so complicated. With a little wind you can't go wrong. It gets right up and looks great eve high up because it's so big.

I think this is the perfect kite to keep in a vehicle when you just want to get out an do something with the kids without a little planning. The ease of (dis)assembly means you can spontaneously get out, maybe at a rest stop on a trip, throw it together, and watch the little one's eyes light up as the huge 6ft wingspan takes to the sky.

I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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