Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Companion Light S Headlamp

Companion Light S Headlamp

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The Companion Light S Headlamp is a great buy; there's really no better way to summarize it. You can tell that you can get a little rough with it and it will still be putting out light. I gave it 4 stars but it is so close to five and really is a quality product.

Build- The main casing is plastic but it feels pretty sturdy. It's got a soft touch type surface that adds a little grip in case your hands are a little dirty or slippery. The hinge that the light pivots on is sturdy and provides nice solid clicks so it won't be flopping around.The headband is a basic elastic with the company logo. Where this light stands out is that the band adds in a top strap that goes over your head. Many cheaper brands will only have the horizontal band but that leaves nothing to hold up the weight of the light so it constantly droops. No so here. Once you find the desired position it is planted. There are two buttons; one for red, one for white light. Both are a perfect size in my opinion so you can operate them with gloves but they dont protrude so much that you might bump them.

Function- As I mentioned earlier, the head band is well done. You cant use a head lamp if it doesn't stay pointed where you want it. It allows for a wide range adjustment wise from a child's head to quite a large adult one. The padding on the back of the light is sufficient for a couple hours of comfortable usage, assuming you adjust the straps for your head. Amount of light is of course important. I'd describe it as plenty for doing work at night or under a hood. It's no spotlight, but anything you're doing close it is perfect for. The flashing patterns could be great for emergencies and the dim setting is perfect for having just enough light to walk by without disturbing someone(or something).

Complaints? The only thing I would like to see is for the light to be a little smaller. It isn't huge, but that would set it apart from other lights. Including some cheap batteries wouldn't hurt so it could be used out of the box.

Bonus- The package comes with a little light in a simple rubber casing. This can be hooked on to anything like  bike or backpack and is plenty bright enough to make you seen. Can't complain about that.

I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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