Friday, June 19, 2015

Easy@Home blood pressure monitor

Easy@Home Blood Pressure Monitor on Amazon

Check out my video review here

I'm always weary about giving 5 stars, especially when the product already has a full complement of them, but I honestly couldn't think of anything to complain about. Maybe how much it costs? But really it is priced very comparably to other monitors with a similar feature set. In the box you get a case, the monitor, the cuff, and 4 AA batteries. I'm not sure why everyone is saying AAA as you can see in my video review that they aren't.

 Form- Everything included seems well made. The monitor itself is plastic but it doesn't seem flimsy at all. The cuff has a large amount of good velcro and the oval ring is a strong piece of steel. The weakest part is probably the cuff tube but as long as you don't have kids yanking on it(by keeping it in the case for instance) it will hold up just fine. The screen has large numbers that are easy to read and helpful colors that help to alert the user of possible problems if a reading is too high.

Function- The best reference you'll get is from my wife who is a RN. She took my blood pressure the manual was and came up with almost the exact results. She thought is was neat and would be very useful so someone who doesn't have a nurse around. The best part is the simplicity of use. Put the cuff on, press start, and wait for the results. There are only three buttons and the most important is big and centered so teaching someone to use it should be a breeze. The ability to have multiple users is a useful feature when it comes to the memory so results don't get mixed up. Speaking of the memory, it is a must have feature! Being able to look through a history of results means you can look for trends by day to see if you can pinpoint a trigger of high pressure. The average of the last 3 readings also gets rid of any errors you may introduce by moving for instance. One thing to note, when the numbers are counting up they will go past your actual reading so don't panic when they get high unless they stay that way at the end.

It's not like a have a collection of blood pressure monitors but if you can't find anything wrong, why get another one? Lets be honest, this will often be used by older adults and it hits all the requirements: dead simple operation, large numbers, easy to understand colors, and most importantly accuracy. I highly recommend it.
I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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