Monday, June 1, 2015

PORTER-CABLE PC600JS 6 Amp Orbital Jig Saw review

Porter Cable Jigsaw on Amazon

Don't get worried about the lack of 5 stars, I'd still definitely recommend this to anyone. It's the first jigsaw I've owned but it's worked great. I get it out all the time for projects that need a special cut or something that has limited space. It's actually the first thing I think of even if there's a better tool for the specific case. It's just so versatile. Any craftsman needs a jig-saw, but I think a porter cable is the best buy.

This thing is beefy. Not is a size way, but in a quality construction sense. I'm not kidding, sometimes I'm holding it and consider using it as a mallet because it's so sturdy. There's no flex to any part of it and all controls are solid enough that I never worry about breaking them. It has a nice long cord that it pretty thick and has great strain relief at the handle so you won't be replacing a bad cable any time soon.

To start out, this isn't the sort of tool that bogs down so don't worry about breaking it with a hard material. Most of the time it cuts through things fine. I was making a secret compartment book that broke my scroll saw blade but this thing chewed through the book "Eragon" like butter. My only complaint here is that every so often, I be cutting something that I have to work to get through. I try more pressure and less but it doesn't want to bite. Mind you, I'm still on the stock blade so I'm going to try a different one soon. It may just be my blade selection.

If you're jig-saw shopping, there's really no reason to go for the high priced models. Get this and see why I like Porter-Cable products so much.

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