Monday, June 1, 2015

Cooler Master HAF 912 - Mid Tower Computer Case

Cooler Master HAF 912 on Amazon

I bought this case for a moderate gaming setup and I've found it to be well worth the usual 60ish price. It has tons of space and even is ready to accept liquid cooling so you can start out basic and not have to get a new case just to upgrade.

As with most cases the pales are made out of a somewhat thin steel. I think this one has the perfect gauge that makes it light enough to not be a pain but has very little flex. The main panel locks in solidly and is very easy to get in. Some other manufactures have a rail system that you have to fiddle with to get it in but this one is pretty easy. I found enough space to run cables under the motherboard mount frame just inside the right panel which kept the runs a little cleaner.

A case needs has two jobs: have space for everything and allow cooling. It has them both in aces. This is said to be a mid tower but I think of it as full size. It really does have plenty of space. As for cooling, I've never had an issue. The front is essential a giant metal mesh and the back has adequate vents as well. That's not even mentioning the ample venting on the side too. I'm running the stock fans with an aftermarket cooled quad core OC'd from 3.8 to 4.1 and OC'd GTX 650TI as well as 2 HDs and an ssd. Internal temp has stayed fine and I've found no need to add more fans.

This is a perfect case for budget builds to all out gaming rigs. I just don't see a reason to go with anything more expensive. when this has what you need.

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