Friday, December 18, 2015

Bluetooth speaker by Krazilla

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I've now tried several bluetooth speakers from the large and flashy(literally) to the light and horrible sounding. After playing around with this one by Krazilla for a while I'd place it toward the upper end of your average low-priced speaker. I'd change a few things but all around I was satisfied with it.

Build- As soon as you pick this thing up you'll notice it is heaaaaa-vy. No to the extent that it would be a pain to carry around but it will hang low in a pocket. You're probably thinking "So?" and I would agree with you here. In something portable I think it's more about size than weight. By those measurements you've got a winner because this thing is small. I can almost close my thumb and middle finger around it's 2ish by 2ish by 2ish volume. You really wouldn't want to go any smaller as you'd start to compromise the possibility of getting good sound out of it. Up top you have a sturdy metal grille, soft touch coated metal main body and plastic base that is covered on the bottom with a thin but grippy rubber. The weight combined with the bottom means it has less of a chance of getting knocked off something or sliding around if it's in a car. Starting from the mini-USB(not micro; one negative) charging port and going clockwise you have the status indicator, full size usb for flash/hard drive sources, aux 3.5mm input, volume/selector, and micro-usb slot.

Function- Most important is always sound quality and again I'd place it towards the upper end of your average bluetooth speaker. Where some may cause you to want

to turn the music off tinny or muffled sound I actually enjoyed what it produced. Nothing mind blowing but perfectly adequate for small portable sound. My biggest complaint is the blindingly bright blue LED that is constantly on. You can use it to navigate the other side of a room it is placed in and don't even think about going to sleep with it if you haven't taped over the light. It juts seems unnecessary to have it when all it really does it tell you the unit is on. The other thing is the inclusion of a mini-usb port. When most phones have a micro and some are even making the switch to type-c this just seems outdated. Operation is pretty straight forward beyond the volume/selector which is a two-way rocker which also presses in as a button. Nothing too difficult once you try it a bit.

This is the type of bluetooth speaker I would recommend to friends. If you're going bluetooth there's no reason to get anything high end because the sound quality it always going to be limited unless you move to wifi. It needs to be small and sound good and this one checks the boxes. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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