Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ultrasonic Humidifier/Diffuser by Zen

I'm not a big humidifier or diffuser person but my wife likes to use different oils to make the house smell better. We tried this one and liked the 2-in-1 idea but it ends up lacking a little on both. In the end though all my notes are minor things; we like it overall.

Build- It is of course all plastic but nothing feels too cheap on it. Operation is easy with a simple dial to change the intensity(I was surprised how high it went as well). We love the color changing LED light but it's not very bright. If we were to have it in a room at night we wouldn't want the light at all so it seems like thy should be bright enough to see easily in a lit room. Not a big deal though. How to use it is somewhat self explanatory but the instructions aren't very clear English wise. Basically all you need to know though it fill the reservoir and add the cap, place the oil on the metal circle in the base, add the tank, and turn it on.

Function- As a humidifier you can see it pumping out a fair amount of moisture but because it's small it has a limited tank capacity. My wife did mention this isn't all that bad though because it means if a child  like our curious daughter gets a hold of it the amount that spills is limited. You get a fair run time for the size but then as a diffuser it also could use improvement. Because this uses a reservoir tank for the water you'll see in the instructions that you're supposed to place the oil drops on the ultrasonic emitter at the bottom and then place the tank in. This lets the water run out over the oil and works fine at this point. The problem is that the water that runs out initially is all you get for the oil and once that is used up more water runs in; but all the oil is gone. The amount of time running it with oil ends up being less that the time a dedicated diffuser would run. At that point you don't want to bother lifting the tank and adding more oil. You COULD add the oil to the tank itself but then you'd need to keep it clean and there's no way to scrub the inside through the small hole.

After all that though depending on your needs this could work fine. If you just want a small amount of fragrance and then still need the humidifier function that would be perfect. We don't dislike it but the natural consequence of two uses just means it doesn't shine at either completely. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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