Tuesday, December 1, 2015

LED 20W Edison Filament Bulb

I was impressed with this one. Everyone's trying to make something new and everything has to include LEDs these days. Usually though you'll expect to pay quite a premium for anything good. For under 10 bucks these decorative lights are a good deal to add some flair to your place. Exposed filament bulbs look great and add mood to any room. You'll often see them out at restaurants and I've always wanted some for my home. These allow you to do that while still saving on energy.

These bulbs will fit in any regular socket you'll find in your house and are the exact same size as an old incandescent one. That means you can use them anywhere. While I wouldn't go tossing them around I think these are more durable due to the plastic that makes up the "glass". If you give it a tap you almost can't tell the difference. The model I tried was the 20W equivalent so you won't light a room with it: decoration only. If you want more power though go ahead and try the 60W ones which really aren't that much more expensive. You do get the exposed filament feel with these but I think the light temperature is a little cooler than incandescent. Still a warm white though. One of my pictures includes it with a few other bulbs that are considered "warm".

I have no complaints. Screw it in and enjoy what it adds to your home. I need to get a couple more now. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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