Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Silicone baking mats by Teresa's Kitchen

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My wife loves to bake and I love to eat what she makes so anything that improves the process is A-OK in my book. People will usually use parchment paper to prevent anything from burning or sticking to a pan and it makes any cleanup much easier. The only way to make it better was to have that paper reusable and these silicone baking mats do just that.

Build- Just a nice sturdy mat of silicone that appears to be fiber reinforced making it harder to tear. They are still very flexible though so I was able to roll them up almost to a paper-towel tube size to give to my wife for Christmas. Made them a little less obvious. They have a pretty tacky texture. I like that the corners are cut as well which lets them fit into rounded corners better.

Function- They are advertised as being able to take 482F and while we haven't pushed them to their breaking point they held up fine to making a batch of macaroons. As you can see between the two pictures it didn't react to the heat at all and you can even see that shininess is still there. The empty spots are where a few of the cookies had already been... taste-tested, and there wasn't a bit left behind. On another batch that wasn't fully cooked there was a little left but that came right off with a little water. One concern I had before trying them was that the silicone wouldn't transfer the heat the same as metal but the perfectly done batch you see had a nice crispy bottom so it's just like using a regular pan.

I've found nothing to complain about with these. They work as well as if they weren't there but stay pretty clean if everything is cooked right and clean off fine even when it isn't. I have to be honest I'm not always looking for a new way to be green but when it's this easy to not throw away parchment paper every time there's no reason no to use them. Especially at these prices. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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