Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ballroom Dancing Mastery System

Want to know a secret? I don't like dancing. I'm a Computer Engineer in every sense of the word and lazy on top of it all. That being said; if your wife wants to learn ballroom dancing with you this is a great way to do it.

With 12 hours of instruction we've only skimmed the surface so far but even if we were done I wouldn't be able to judge the accuracy of instruction as the whole reason this works for me is that I'm a beginner. I can comment however on the quality of the instructors and how it is presented. Overall my wife and I liked it. We were interested in the swing portion so I'm speaking from that point of view.

Instruction wise I couldn't ask for anything more. There is a man and woman who start every part out making full use of a skill ad showing what you are working for. They are dancing at full speed too so don't expect to pick this stuff up right from the beginning. They then slow it down so you can better see what each instructor is doing but even here isn't what you should be focusing on. The best part is that each person then shows their steps individually. For instance in the case of Swing the man will show his part and while they are very similar for basic Swing, the woman then shows what amounts to her mirror image steps. Both start out very slow and work you up to full speed before joining again and working up to the end result you saw at the beginning. When we "Mastered"(need a lot of practice) basic Swing we then moved on to East Coast Swing which is just a modified version of the steps. They use the exact same process here but if you've completed the basics it's easier because it's very similar to what you already learned.

Our only complaint was that what you're watching feels outdated in that the set is in full-screen so if you're watching on any modern wide-screen TV you'll have big black bars on either side. Certainly not HD either. It's not a huge deal because it's still perfectly watchable; as I said the instruction itself was great, but these days you come to expect a certain picture quality and it's the one thing that could be improved. If you just want good instructors to walk you through dance steps at a perfectly reasonable pace(and if for some reason too fast, just pause it) then there is no reason I wouldn't recommend this for anyone. I'm sure my wife will be asking me to take it further and try the other discs now too. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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