Thursday, January 28, 2016

USB type-c cable from Blitzwolf

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You can never have too many charging cables; especially when your phone uses a newer standard like Type-c. We've found ourselves moving cords around the house to charge wherever we happen to be at the moment but that had to end. Blitzwolf has delivered in this cable and I'm very pleased to have it around.

Build- While I'm a fan of the braided coverings to protect cords the fact is they cost more. Blitzwolf has delivered a solid cord that has stood up for me. I've had it about a month nos with no issues. It's made of a pretty forgiving rubber that doesn't show any indications of being prone to cracks. Otherwise it's your standard Type-C cable.

Function- Many people will be tempted to complain if their phone says is "Charging Slowly". My Nexus 5X will tell you in those exact words. I would recommend making sure you have a power supply that can handle the current your phone wants. We were worried at first and thought it was the cord but after looking at the things we had it plugged into noticed that they had a max of .2-.5 amps where the stock charger could supply 3 amps. Once I got it plugged into a supply that could deliver the phone charged very fast through this cord. It can handle anything you can give it.

I have nothing but praise for this one. Once I figured out that I was using under-powered plugs it works great and I might get more. When buying these cables you don't want anything fancy; it just needs to work. Blitzwolf nailed it here. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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