Monday, January 18, 2016

TR Industrial Anti-fatigue Floor Mat

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I've tried a few of these mats before but all had been means for in the house. Things best suited for being in front of the sink or in the laundry room. This one has industrial int he name so you'd probably imagine it is meant for the garage or similar and I'd have to agree. When it arrived my wife even claimed it for in front of the sink but later admitted she'd prefer something else there.

Build- A lot of the ones your see in a kitchen are a fairly soft foam but you'll find that this product is much stiffer. It is a very, to use their marketing word, durable and I can see walking on it with even dirty boots wouldn't hurt it. It is a dark black so every spec of that dirt will show up which is something my wife didn't like when she had it. As a generally messy guy who will have it in front of a workbench it doesn't bother me as it will be the cleanest thing out there for a while. You'll find a diamond pattern on it that improves grip but I wonder if it even needs that due to the material being fairly grippy. In either case it at least lets liquids settle out in the grooves so it doesn't become slick.

Function- Like I pointed out the makeup of this one is sturdier. When you stand on it you don't sink in all the way to the floor but there it still enough give to conform to your feet and give that relief it's designed for. I'm 5'11 around 200lbs  and I had to concentrate all my weight on my toes before I hit the bottom. Its just the right size too; basically a large door mat. It means if you tend to move around a little you wont be stepping off it all the time.

This is exactly what I'm looking for in a mat. While I don't really stand in one place enough in my garage to warrant it, I reload my own ammo so I look forward to trying it at my press. In the end though the combination of sturdy design and materials, with just the right amount of give mean that I can't think of anything to improve. Add int he large size and the fact that it's waterproof mean that it'll be right at home in our garage. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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