Thursday, January 21, 2016

Action Camera Kit round 2

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If you don't have the attachments, an action camera doesn't really do you much good. The problem is figuring out which ones to buy but this set lets you try them all without breaking the bank. I was impressed with the sheer range of things you get and their quality as well. This is the second of similar sets that I've tried and while much of it is the same(a few of the included parts are the same item) I actually think this one is a better value due to a few choices I'll outline. Side note: if you have a crawling baby around, you'll get great footage to share if you put your camera on the headband and put it upside down on them diaper style and facing forward. FPV baby crawling!

Build- Having used another set for a while I've found that this plastic holds up fine for what it's used for. All the elastic straps are really wide so they stay in place better and the headband even has a rubbery texture on the inside to keep it from slipping off with movement. The only minor-est of things that I wish was a little different is that the wrist strap is just a piece of velcro and I can imagine it chafing after a little while. My last note build wise is that the selfie stick is built like a tank. I'm serious that thing could be a weapon so if you're the sort of person who likes selfie sticks, this one will hold up well.

Function- Again, there's a ton of stuff here. You've got the basic parts that allow you to orient the camera any way you need but those are expected. The real gems are the main mounts. I'd been wanting a head mount for a while now and this one was my favorite. It adjusts well and stays in place great. The chest mount lets you have a solid placement while knowing it will never fall off. I tried the wrist mount and while it works well, having the large camera sticking off made it a little unwieldy. If you're going to be around water you have a floating grip that lets you set it down around water, but still not worry about it sinking. Really three main things set this group apart for me 1. The included mini tripod is larger and the legs hold their shape much better 2. The suction mount is something I've seen missing in some other sets and 3. An included memory card. Many Go Pros and their clones don't include a card so it's nice that this set really does give you everything you need.

Beyond those you've got your helmet mounts(flat and curved) and other little add-on doodads that are just nice to have. That being said it doesn't include things just to say there is more than competitors. You have everything you need but nothing more. This isn't a name brand set but I think for the most part things will hold up fine for average use. If you do happen break something it's not like you paid 100 bucks for the set and it can be had for even less that less impressive sets. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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