Friday, January 15, 2016

Two piece packing cube set by CFG

Get a set for yourself

I'll be honest; when we're traveling it tends to be my wife who packs for me. When we get to the destination though we've found these cube things to be pretty useful. If you separate types of clothing between different cubes digging for the right thing makes much less of a mess. We'd previously only had smaller ones but the large ones work very well for my jeans and shirts.

Build- The construction is the only thing that doesn't have me gushing over these. It's not bad but could use some improvement. The strength of the material I just feel could be a little better. When it comes down to it these live in a suitcase so should be exposed to any beating so it may be that they are strong enough. The only other issue is that the mesh has a single stitch to hold it to the rest of the bag and while I'd like to see something more sturdy again, all they need to do it keep your clothes divided so there shouldn't be an issue.

Function- It may not seem like a big deal but the mesh is a must for seeing which cube you're looking at and I'm surprised some manufactures don't include it. Never fear; this one does. Just flip through a few and you can quickly find what you want. The ones I tried are a large size which is most suited for something big or that you have a lot of. We have the large(not huge) rolling carry on bags and you can fit four well packed instances of these in one of our bags with a little room left over depending on the depth of yours.

My wife is a fan of the smaller sizes for her things and our daughter's but for a guy these are perfect. The bulk of what I take is t-shirts and jeans so there's no need for any extra division. Even with my thoughts on the cube construction I'd still recommend these to anyone. They're working fine for us. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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