Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Car Shades by Ace Sun Shades

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When I first opened the package for these I was a little bummed because they weren't what I was expecting. I was thinking these were the mesh type shades but they are actually a thin tinted plastic Granted if I had actually read the description better and looked at the pictures closer I would have known. In any case putting my assumptions aside they actually work quite well. You may see in the pictures I included that they look a little sirty and that's the nature of the film but they look fine once that stick smooth to your windows.

Build- Like I said these are not mesh but are instead a plastic film. Don't get me wrong though this doesn't make them "cheap". In fact I could argue it's a better method all around as instead of using suction cups to attach to a window you're using the static cling property of the film to stick right to your window. The shades are given form but a small amount of spring steel around the outside which also lets you twist them up into a much smaller size. They can then go in the small included pouch for storing in a seat pocket. One thing to check is the available size of your windows. We have a 05 Camry and they didn't quite fit the rear windows. Remember though that the outside is spring steel so you do have a little freedom to squeeze them.

Function- As shades they do quite well, blocking out a ton of light and keeping the sun out of our daughters eyes. Setup was a breeze as they just stick right to the window. Then for taking them off you just pull on it and twist it to get it to fold in on itself. No suction cups to pick off and then lose in the car when you're not using them.

The only concern I have is if you don't put them in the bag when they're not on the window it would be pretty easy for a child to poke and rip it. As with all things though take care of them and it'll last a long time. While they weren't what I expected I think I'll recommend these over the old style because they are just so convenient. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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