Thursday, December 10, 2015

Double Camping Hammock by Live Infinitely

Hang one up yourself from Amazon

I love this thing. No two ways about it. After taking it to a my wife's family's cabin on an Alabama river over Thanksgiving weekend I had plenty of time to try it out. Even after some tentativeness about the weight capacity it came through and I even have a couple family members who want one. While some products will only come with a hammock and expect you to make a separate purchase to get straps this one helpfully includes everything you need to walk out into the woods and set it up in minutes.

Build- For something purported to hold two people's weight you would expect to have some solid construction. I'm glad to say everything about it held up wonderfully. The main body is made up of a parachute type fabric that showed no strain when I was in it and was just as fine when my wife hopped in with me for a nap on a nice 70 degree day. I looked everywhere and there was no sign of seams pulling out anywhere. Even though the fabric seems so thin it is very wide so when it all bunches together at one point around the very thick paracord all the strain is spread out to the straps. Speaking of the straps, they are a must with this type of hammock and I like to see that they are included. They are very long which lets you pick any two trees that are the length of the hammock up to probably twice that length. just looking at them you can see they are made well and would have no trouble holding two peoples weight. One side of the hammock has a bag shape attached to it allowing it to fold right up into itself for transport.

Function- Well, I lay down in it and don't fall out so I suppose that's a good thing, right? Depending on your mounting strategy you can have it fairly taut giving you a somewhat flat surface to lay on. A loose mount will give you more of a U shape. To actually attach it to a tree I found that the best way was to start with the strap loop against the tree and wrap it around and over the loop while still leaving it exposed. Once you can't quite get a full turn or your hammock is too far away, stick it through the loop and attach it. The loops of strap hold tight just from the friction of their overlap. When you're done it really isn't had to pack into the small bag because the material is so light. I just fold it side-to-side until it's about 8-10 inches across and then roll it end-to-end. This usually leave it int he right shape and stuffing it works to finish it off.

This doesn't have to just be an outdoors/woods item. I was just as happy strapping it between two post of out pergola in the yard and enjoying a sunset. Kids love to play in them too and as long as they don't have anything sharp there's not really much they can do to it. As I said before I know several people who want one after trying it so that says a lot. I'd recommend it to anyone. I received this product free in exchange for nothing more than my honest opinion.

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