Monday, May 18, 2015

Intermatic P1121 15 Amp Timer
I purchased this timer when I realized our pool pump was driving our electric bill up due to me being too lazy to remember to turn it off. It ended up running 24/7. We needed something that could be outside all the time as the pump plug is a fair distance from the house. It has been running fine for 3 years now with absolutely no issues.

Setup is pretty basic. Once you plug the timer it it just keeps turning all day. The ring has teeth all along it where you place the pins. Once you set the ring to the correct time you place the pins at the corresponding time you want the attached device to turn on or off. In the upper left corner is a small rotating switch. When the pins you place come around, they catch on the switch and flip it's state. This allows you to flip it on or off whenever you need. For instance when I need to backwash our pool filter I just turn the switch one click and it turns off. When you're done you can just turn it another click and it will continue on it's merry way.

Durability is something to be concerned about when something is out in the weather all day long. As I said, ours has stood up to it for 3 years with no appreciable change. The color hasn't faded as far as I can tell and the plastic has not become brittle. There is no waterproofing on the bottom where the plug goes in but because it's on the bottom you don't get rain flowing to it. The cord is a sturdy thick one that probably has 12 gauge wire in it. For mounting you have a standard slot for a screw head in the back.

The only thing I would say to be aware of is the length of the cord. It is at most a foot long. The shouldn't normally be a problem because you will probably be placing this between and existing cord and plug so it will be mounted right next to the receptacle. If you want it somewhere else, plan to get an extension cord.

I haven't had many timers, but I can't imagine anything to be any easier to use or longer lasting. I would definitely recommend this one.

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