Friday, May 29, 2015

Pratisphere Ice Sphere Molds review

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The Pratisphere Ice Sphere Ice Cube Trays by Pratico Kitchen are an easy way to make good ice that breaks away from the hum-drum of the usual shapes and methods. As an added bonus, many people prefer this shape for drinks to keep them from being watered down and now you can make them at home.

Geek's note- This shape is the desired one for drinks because sphere has the smallest surface area for given volume(amount of ice). In other words, you can fit more cooling power in something that has less area for your drink to touch it. Less drink touching ice means less melting means less watered down drink. If ice is melting, it's because it is cooling you're drink so it seems to me that if it isn't melting as much as a cube, it also doesn't cool as a cube. I'll leave further thought on that up to you though.

Build- You get four sturdy sphere makers in a box I appreciate that because it means you can have some for your guest's drinks as well. If it's just you, you can have one to use and some more in the pipeline if that one melts too soon. Materials wise I couldn't ask for more. The base is a nice sturdy plastic so it won't just crack any time soon with a little give so you can squeeze it a little to help get the ball out. The top is also a strong rubber that shows quality by being heavy enough to not lose shape but you don't feel like it's full of lead. There's a hole in the top where excess water can get out once the ice starts expanding. It's great that the base sits right in the top too so you can stack them in the freezer.

Function- It doesn't matter what product you use, the water will always turn to the same ice so in that respect, sure enough, I get ice. Where the Pratisphere shines is the ease of use. There is a line in the base that you fill to and then slowly slide the top on which seals along the side and forms the top of the ball. Repeat with the other three and stack them in your freezer. I found that the minimum of four hours wasn't enough but it will vary depending on the temp you keep your freezer at. To remove the spheres, make sure to remember to put some warm water on the outside to release the mold. At this point you should have perfect spheres of ice and I they worked great in my drink.

Tips- You may want to fill just a hair below the recommended line. I filled to it(and maybe a touch more) which tended to produce some extra out the vent hole once it froze. It may have also been a consequence of the fill level, but twice the top pushed up a little so I recommend filling a little less for this reason as well. If you really care about the look of the ice and it isn't as clear as you want, it's not the fault of this product. The sphere freezes on the outside before the inside which creates stress and the "star" on the inside. This can be reduced, but will require more work. Search youtube for how to make clear ice if you want to give it a try.

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