Monday, May 18, 2015

RAVPower Wireless Charging Receiver
My review will focus on the S4 version. The packaging was probably the only bad part of this. A thin cardboard box that barely kept it's shape. This wasn't an issue however due to the amazon box it came in. In reality this is a minor issue.

Installation is a snap. The item itself is very thin and has a little circuitry, a sticky pad, and two contacts. There is a simple picture showing where it should go once you've the the back off. The contacts don't snap in on the phone but the sticky pad is enough to hold it in place while you put the back on.

That's it. You just place it on the wireless charger(sold separately of course) and it starts charging. I get the feeling it doesn't quite charge as fast as when it's plugged in but even it that's true, it's only a little different and this is more about convenience. If you need to look at your phone at night, this is a perfect solution and you. Just set it back down and it just works.

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