Monday, May 18, 2015

Audio-Technica PRO-501/L Wireless Lavalier System

Audio-Technica Wireless Mic on Amazon

I had a previous iteration of this product from Audio-Technica and was very happy with it. The lavalier mic cable on it developed a bad connection and when I saw a new mic was half the price of the new system, I thought it'd be worth it to try an upgrade. For the past few weeks it has performed admirably and I would definitely recommend.

All of my use has been within about 50 ft of the receiver. signal clarity has been good and I've not noticed any signal degradation when using low power. Depending on your use-case you may be farther, but I wouldn't be surprised if most users would find themselves within this range. I've been able to keep it the transmitter on low power which helps conserve battery. I have come fairly close to the estimated 8 hours with moderate use too. Something to note is that mine came with the gain turned all the way up on the receiver. This was causing significant distortion from clipping. I recommend having it at half power and doing amplification with something external.

Build- Everything seems very sturdy for the most part. The receiver has just enough heft to give you confidence that it wont get crushed where someone less careful than you to drop something on it. The antennas are quite beefy; you won't be bending them. The transmitter has a good build and I like the design for the battery door that makes it easy to get at but wont get worn out to the point of falling off with extended use. The belt clip has a good grip too.

Note on the lavalier clip- Some other reviewers noted that the clips are fragile. Mine has not broken yet but I've heeded them and been careful. Unlike the older version, this one is not all metal so the plastic does provide a point of failure.

For amateurs and semi-professionals, I think this set is all you could ever need.

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