Monday, May 18, 2015

Porter-Cable PC160JTR 2-Blade 120V 6 in. Bench Jointer

Porter-Cable Jointer on Amazon

I was looking for a quality jointer that wouldn't break the bank and this is the one for me. Porter cable has been my go-to for tools that are affordable but I still have confidence in and I haven't been disappointed here. In the box is the PC160JTR jointer, adjustable back fence, push paddles, and a dust collector cover for attaching vacuum systems.

Performance- I've found cuts to be very consistent and always very smooth. If you start trying to take a quarter inch off you're going to have issues but when used as intended it works wonderfully. I cut mostly oak and it's never hesitated. Every single shaving goes out the dust collection area so there's no reason you should have a mess when using this. Depth is controlled by loosening one knob to let the in-feed table move and then turn another to change the depth. There's a good gauge to let you know exactly how much material is coming off.

Build- Overall the machine is quite sturdy. The guard plate is a thinner gauge steel but it should hold up fine. The table is a good solid steel and I've found it to be perfectly level. The only part I've worried about is the adjustable aluminum back. A single knob holds it down but I never adjust it so I doubt it will develop into anything.

I highly recommend this jointer if you're going to be working with anything 6" or less. It can do more if you take off the guard but then safety's gone out the window. Otherwise it's perfect. My last piece of advice is to have some oil handy. The table is an exposed surface that can oxidize so take care of it.

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