Monday, May 18, 2015

Starting out

I'm addicted. Whether or not it's a good addiction is up for debate. I recently wrote a review on Amazon to let others know how impressed I was with a product and a few days later saw that I had received some helpful votes. Little ol' me, helpin someone out. I thought, well, I've got some free time, how bout I review a few other things I recently purchased. Sure enough, some more helpful votes. The thought that just by talking about something I'm enthusiastic about was making someone's decision easier felt awesome. At that point I just couldn't help myself. I went back through my purchase history and looked for everything I had an opinion about and went to town. My reviewer ranking was sitting around a 1.5 million and the next day down to an even million. As I write I'm sitting around 83k. Woot! A hard number to measure success is always great.

Now, some people at this point might be tempted to look at how they can write whatever will get the most attention and make people happy. I suppose if all you care about is a number than yes, but I've found that if I just step back and look at a product objectively, I'm able to compare my thoughts pre-purchase with my thoughts post-purchase and I end up with exactly what a prospective buyer is looking for. Write that down and see if it helps. And that's why I'm here. I saw that companies are always looking for someone to get the word out on their product. As someone who likes getting the word out: match made in heaven. Of course lets be honest; who doesn't like new stuff to play with all the time. I really am a big kid who hasn't grown up yet. You'll see from my interests I just like to try new things and see what I can do with something.

So my interests in short: Electronics fiddling/hacking/DIY, Photography, woodworking, model aircraft, shooting(handguns and rifles), programming, PC gaming, console gaming, leather-working, home automation, military fiction/science fiction/fantasy books, automatic watches, trying to record every aspect of my life, and helping my wife take care of the cutest little girl in the world.

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